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E-commerce Internet Solution for Business |

Ecommerce internet solution for business is offered by ESX, Inc. The e-commerce software solution simplifies the process of e-commerce website development, allowing people without highly specialized knowledge to create professional solutions for online transactions.

Integrated online transaction processing and product catalog

The xCatalyst E-commerce tools can be used in a variety of ways to associate payment with website functions: catalog shopping, event registrations, publication sales and enrollments. These tools simplify the process of adding E-commerce to your site, allowing people without highly specialized knowledge to create professional solutions for online transactions. 

Product Catalog

The E-commerce module provides a full-featured product catalog and online shopping cart application.

Mall concept supports multiple storefronts.

  • Individual stores include:
    o Creative template
    o Store departments
    o Product information
    o Inventory management
    o Sales reports
  • Automated and customized email notifications for different steps in the processing cycle.
  • Multilingual presentation supported.
  • Secure credit card processing (PayPal's Payflow Pro payment processing).
  • Sales reports.

Dynamic Forms

The xCatalyst Dynamic Forms module allows you to create a customized form for your website.  Integrating  e-commerce with dynamic forms allows you to easily charge the customer a fee as the form is submitted. This could be used to accept online donations, offer payment for classes or events, or to charge for membership. 

  • Real-time online credit card processing when form is submitted.
  • Automated email notifications internally and to customer.
  • Easy to add to form no HTML required.
  • The Dynamic Forms tool allows administrative users to add credit card fields to online forms-instantly enabling online transactions on your website.
  • Online forms integration with people profile enables form submissions to be associated with the respective individual profile for better reporting or accounting purposes.

Additional Features

  • “Discount coupon” allows registrants to enter a specific code to receive a discounted price, this enables organizations to track market trends and the effectiveness of special offers.
  • Online Donations linked to the individual profile for better accounting and reporting functions.

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