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Web Content Management | CMS

Web content management software and CMS software offered though ESX, Inc. empowers staff and web administrators to manage distributed content editing.

Easily build, manage and organize the content on your website

Creating a web presence that communicates and inspires is challenging. It can also seem impossible to accomplish with some of the existing tools on the market. Fortunately, the xCatalyst WCMS demystifies web content editing with intuitive software tools and automated publication workflow.  

The xCatalyst Web Content Management System is easy to use. You can manage a single website or an integrated network of websites from a centralized administrative hub.

 Benefits of the xCatalyst Web Content Management system

  • Staging and production environments allow editors to make content changes without affecting the website. Content is available on the website only after it is approved by the editor in the staging environment and published to the website.
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Rich Text content editing enables non-technical personnel to create and update website content without knowing HTML.
  • Version control and archiving provide backup and disaster recovery capabilities by rolling back to previous versions of approved pages.
  • Granular editing privileges protect the integrity of the content by defining not only who has access to specific content assets but also the type of access that is permitted.
  • Separation of content and presentation ensure consistency, enforce branding and make it easy to change the website look and feel.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is easy with xCatalyst. Metadata (key words, page title and page descriptions) management features provide the ultimate control to ensure your pages are properly indexed by search engines.
  • Global and site-specific content sharing allows content to be shared between sites on a network and between pages on an individual website.
  • Automated content approval workflow allows distributed management of website content and centralized control of content publishing. When content changes are made and the page is checked in, the system sends automated email notifications to approval assignees. Assignees can publish content changes, forward them to additional assignees or send back changes for rework.
  • Multilingual Website Content Management eliminates the need to maintain an individual website for each language.
  • Section 508 compliance support features help meet accessibility standards.
  • Dynamic multi-level navigation support frees content editors from the time-consuming tasks associated with maintaining site navigation.
  • The integrated file manager is a central repository for non-content assets (images, PDF, documents, flash files). The file manager helps site administrators organize files and ensures that only approved files are available to content editors.
  • Page caching technology ensures website visitors will experience fast-loading pages.
  • Integrated site search allows website visitors to perform key word searches to locate and navigate to the information they are looking for.
  • Online forms integration with people profile enables form submissions to be associated with the respective individual profile for better reporting or accounting purposes.

Easy to Set up, Easy to Use

Flexibility and ease of use are xCatalyst's biggest strengths. The web-based screens have a straightforward and intuitive functionality that content creators, editors and template designers expect from today's web applications. The WYSIWYG editor enables editors without any HTML skills to update and publish content in a word-processing environment.

The system offers strong administrative functionality and provides even the most advanced webmasters with features and tools to create and maintain complex websites. Granular security roles and privileges ensure top-down control over branding and style, yet provide the ability to localize content.

The combination of ease of use, streamlined workflows, all in a single integrated platform, adds up to a lower total cost of ownership.

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