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Membership Management Software |

Membership management software, an integrated component of Association Catalyst, by ESX Inc., provides a membership management system integrated with member profile, event management, committee management and ecommerce.

More than  Membership Management Software, Association Catalyst seamlessly integrates all membership functions.

The Association Catalyst Membership Management Module provides you with an integrated web-based solution, acting as both Membership Management Software and membership services management. Both organization and individual memberships can be managed with the membership module.

ESX, Inc. recognizes that every organization is different and will require specific configuration to model membership profiles and workflows. We provide each of our customers with a solution that includes specific configuration of your member profile, online application/renewal forms and membership directory.

Membership Profile

  • Membership Management Software provides the ability to create multiple membership types as necessary for organizational or individual members.
  • Flexible membership profiles are easily customized by admin users, eliminating the need for custom programming and expensive upgrades.
  • The Membership Management Software module's convenient self-service profile updates can be made by members via the website. Organizational members can be assigned contact types to limit access to organizational profile to main contacts.
  • End-user-defined member contact types for organizational members (e.g., Main Contact, Financial or Representative).
  • With the Membership Management Software module, create public or private website sub-communities by membership type to enable member-to-member collaboration and communication.
  • Online forms integration with people profile enables form submissions to be associated with the respective individual profile for better reporting or accounting purposes.
  • Online forms automatically populate with member name and email address when logged in to a website. In addition it links the form submission to the respective member profile
  • Family Memberships provides specific member profile formatting for family or company memberships.
  • Automatically integrates the membership profile with discussion forums.
  • Import tool (CSV) allows the automated import of external data in CSV format while filtering out duplicates based on predefined business rules.

Enrollment & Renewals

  • Process online or back-office membership enrollment and renewals.
  • Membership Management Software sends automated email notifications to registrants and administrative users when applications are submitted and on application approval (with website login credentials).
  • Process membership applications can be reviewed and edited by admin users prior to processing. Dues can be edited by admin users to enable complimentary memberships and dues prorating.
  • Membership Management Software sends automated membership renewal notices. Admin users define when the initial notice is sent and the frequency of subsequent updates.
  • Create admin user-defined grace periods and membership expiration business rules.
  • Remove expired members automatically from the membership directory and their website login privileges are revoked.
  • Membership Management Software sends automated reports to identify upcoming renewals and membership expiration which aid in membership retention efforts.
  • Create and include subscription-based services on the enrollment and renewal application. Subscriptions can be associated with fees and sub-communities.

 Dues & Payment Processing

  • Admin user-defined dues for both individual and organizational member types.
  • Chapter Fees allow associations to define chapter fees so that a portion of the total membership dues is designated to the individual chapter.
  • “Discount coupon” allows registrants to enter a specific code to receive a discounted price, this enables organizations to track market trends and the effectiveness of special offers.
  • Online Donations linked to the individual profile for better accounting and reporting functions.
  • Membership Management Software allows admin users to define fee parameters including record type, membership type, fee type and whether or not the fee is published on the website.
  • Admin user-defined payment types (PO, credit card, online checks) include the ability to specify whether or not the payment type is available on the public website, only for back-office processing or both.
  • Membership Management Software has secure online credit card processing through PayPal's Payflow Pro. Create and send invoices/receipts, process payments, issue refunds, void payments, edit payment information and send email notifications to registrants.
  • Membership Management Software has automated email notifications with payment processing information to designated admin users.

 Committee Management

  • Create and manage multiple committees.
  • Membership Management Software tracks an individual's committee participation history.
  • Admin user-defined committee roles.
  • Membership Management Software exports committee rosters to Excel and MS Word formats.
  • Membership Management Software enables creation and management of committee web pages including automated listing of active committee members.
  • Create public or private web-accessed committees or sub-communities. 

Contact Management

  • Manage contact information for member and non-member individuals and organizations.
  • Membership Management Software creates and tracks opportunities associated with company contacts. Schedule activities and track opportunity history.
  • Enable non-members to create and submit a profile that becomes part of the contact database.
  • Membership Management Software searches for non-member contacts.  

Membership Directory

  • Online membership directory with end-user-defined search parameters. The Membership Management Software directory can be public or require a login to search and view.
  • Membership directory report automatically creates an on-demand printable membership directory that can be exported to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Expired members are automatically removed from the Membership Management Software directory and login privileges revoked.
  • Admin user defined profile fields can be included or excluded from the member directory search or from the member profile.
  • Self-service member profile updates.
  • Member-to-member discounts.
  • Membership Management Software allows admin users to customize member profile templates that control profile presentation on the website.

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