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Faculty CV | Grants & Faculty Information Software | Reporting

Faculty CV and faculty information software is a web-based utility that automates and simplifies the process of faculty reporting and grant reporting. The Faculty Information System is offered through ESX Inc.

The Faculty Information System (FIS) is a web-based utility for automating and simplifying the process of updating and reporting faculty information.

Faculty members can log in to a secure website utilizing a standard browser and update their personal data throughout the year. The Faculty Information System then pushes out the data to the respective faculty pages on the websites and rolled up into various internal reports.

The Faculty Information System's ease of use and its dynamic features reduce the amount of staff time needed to keep this information up-to-date. The Faculty Information System allows each department to customize reports across a variety of performance categories, greatly simplifying the ability to compare faculty productivity and to provide a more efficient means of reporting.

Key features of the Faculty Information System

  • Faculty Information System can be used anytime, anywhere by using a browser and an Internet connection so faculty can update profile throughout the year. 
  • Automated publication downloads from various databases such as PubMed, to eliminate manual entry.
  • Automated publication to faculty pages on the public website in a consistent and branded format.  
  • Ad-hoc reporting tool to generate custom reports (grants and publications).
  • Categorizes key faculty information and provides a front-end interface for website visitors to search for faculty members based on expertise, interest areas or publications.  
  • Faculty Information System includes automated "expert" search capability on the website for students and corporate constituents.
  • Separate roles and privileges interface for managing faculty users.
  • Extensive customization for lookup values assures that data entry is consistent with institutional terminology.
  • Promotes faculty research collaboration (internal and external).

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