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Community Management Software | Committee Solutions

Community management software and committee management software by ESX, Inc., offers proven interactive committee and community management solutions.

Association Catalyst is your community management software!

Online communities are interactive, dynamic features that allow members to share a common purpose, need or interest. Building and hosting successful online communities demand specialized and tightly integrated applications all working together. Association Catalyst (Association Management Software) provides all of the critical community-focused features into a single user-friendly and integrated environment. The xCatalyst Community Management Software module offers proven interactive applications that enable member-to-member interaction and member content generation. The suite of community applications promotes the exchange of information and ideas. Community features and Member Management are administered through the command center and integrate with all other Association Catalyst modules.

Website membership provides the ability to create member-only space on a website and provides the host organization with the ability to govern and manage community interactions.

Key Features of the Community Management Software module

  • Member profiles are created and edited by site administrators, eliminating the need for custom programming if member information is modified.
  • The website membership directory of the Community Management Software module enables members to search to find other members who share similar interests. Members control their profile information and what information they want to make available to other members.
  • Self-service profile updates and automated login information retrieval minimize hosting organization resources required to keep member information current.
  • Private and public access sub-communities provide the tools required to create and manage areas for affinity groups within the membership.
  • Community Management Software module contains discussion forums that encourage thoughtful dialogue and member-to-member generated content.
  • Back-office Community Management Software processes provide the tools necessary to Manage Membership, sub-communities and enforce community policies.
  • Online forms integration with people profile enables form submissions to be associated with the respective individual profile for better reporting or accounting purpose.
  • Family Memberships provides specific member profile formatting for family or company memberships.

The Association Catalyst Community Management Software module integrates with your database

  • Seamless Committee Management.
  • Track an individual's committee participation history with the Community Management Software module.
  • Export committee roster to Excel and MS Word formats.
  • Integration with Association Catalyst Web Management System enables creation and management of committee web pages including automated listing of active committee members.
  • Community Management Software module allows creation and management of  committee website sub-communities.
  • Automatically integrates the membership profile with discussion forums. 


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