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Web Content Management System

Easily build, manage and organize the content on your website.

Creating a web presence that communicates and inspires is challenging. It can also seem impossible to accomplish with some of the existing tools on the market. Fortunately, the xCatalyst WCMS demystifies web content editing with intuitive software tools and automated publication workflow.  

The benefits of adopting an xCatalyst WCMS extend across organizational lines. For example, employees become more productive, there is a boost in operational efficiencies, and the content demands and needs of your online constituents are consistently met. The xCatalyst WCMS does this in two ways: it enables distributed content management by non-technical personnel, and it provides centralized control of branding, security and integrity of your content.

The xCatalyst Web Content Management System is easy to use. You can manage a single website or an integrated network of websites from a centralized administration.

With xCatalyst, the time, cost and complexity of building a website are dramatically reduced. Built on Microsoft technologies and industry standards, the xCatalyst Web Content Management System provides an integrated solution that adapts to your organization.

Benefits of the xCatalyst Web Content Management System

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

Flexibility and ease of use are xCatalyst's biggest strengths. The web-based screens have a straightforward and intuitive functionality that content creators, editors and template designers expect from today's web applications. The WYSIWYG editor enables editors without any HTML skills to update and publish content in a word-processing environment.

The system offers strong administrative functionality and provides even the most advanced webmasters with features and tools to create and maintain complex websites. Granular security roles and privileges ensure top-down control over branding and style yet provide the ability to localize content.

The combination of ease of use, streamlined workflows, all in a single integrated platform, adds up to a lower total cost of ownership.

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