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Non-profit Organizations

Association (AMS), Continuing Education, Events, Website, Ecommerce, and Mobile Event App from one solution with endless possibilities

xCatalyst for Non-profits

The xCatalyst Suite of products provides a complete, scalable, solution for managing your non-profit organization.

The xCatalyst platform is easy to use and completely integrates your membership database, event registrations, and donations management with your website operations.

xCatalyst streamlines both front-end and back-office operations. On the website, users are able to create and manage their profile, register for events, submit donations, and communicate with the organization. The back-office applications provide your staff with an integrated web-based system for managing users, communications, and website operations from a single web-based platform.

Key Features Include:

  • Web Content Management System (WCMS) - simplifies web content editing with intuitive software tools and automated publication workflow
  • Community Management - proven interactive applications that enable member-to-member interaction and member content generation, as well as administering member management through the command center
  • Communication - a powerful group of communication tools that will boost your organization's capabilities to keep your constituents engaged, connected and informed
  • E-Commerce - provides a full-featured product catalog and online shopping cart application; integrating E-Commerce with dynamic forms, allows you to easily charge the customer a fee as the form is submitted
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